Review Process

Submitted manuscripts are processed in the blind review phase on condition that they are eligible for publication in the Journal. The eligibility of a manuscript is subject to the pre-evaluation of the editorial board.

The review process lasts between 1 and 3 months depending on the number of manuscripts. The blind review process refers to a way of evaluating articles in which both the independent referees and the author/s remain anonymous. Moreover, the referees also do not know their partners during the evaluation process.

Following the evaluation process of the manuscript the editorial board decides whether to publish or reject the paper. If major changes are required to the manuscript by the referees then the manuscript will be evaluated again after the author fulfills the requested changes.

Manuscripts which complete the review process successfully are prepared for publication in an appropriate issue of the journal and ranked in it. The manuscripts are evaluated with respect to their copyright transfers and other procedures such as publication ethic rules.

Evaluation Fee and Publication Fee is not charged for studies submitted to the Journal of Management and Labour.


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